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Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG)

Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) is an AI framework that enhances large language models (LLMs) by giving it access to information beyond their training data, meaning you can extend it using your own content creating an incredibly valuable tool for your company. RAG ensures more accurate responses because it uses verified data that you have curated, and it allows users to verify the model’s claims since it includes the source on which it based its response.

Many of our clients are looking into RAG and how it can help them bring an edge in this new AI-powered digital world. Ready to make it click?

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Two Point O Accelerators

Using our expertise in RAG/GenAI, Headless Content Management and Composable Architecture, we build accelerators that help our customers create exceptional digital experiences. We never shy away from a challenge so when our clients tell us that they need a solution that doesn't exist yet, we rise to the occasion to build it. Some of these products are open to the public, these are the ones listed below.

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Intershop x Contentful

We have built a custom app for Contentful that integrates Intershop with Contentful. The app allows you to select single products up until entire categories from within the Contentful interface, enabling you to seamlessly combine products and content. Simply displaying products is not enough to convince customers to buy, you need to tell a story. Headless commerce through the Intershop Contentful app allows you to do just that.

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Intershop x Storyblok

We have built a custom integration for Storyblok that opens up your Intershop catalogue within the Storyblok interface. Simply displaying products is not enough to convince customers to buy anymore, you need to tell a story that helps you sell your products. Headless commerce through the Intershop Storyblok integration allows you to do just that.

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One of our customers was struggling to find a good form builder that offered them the ultimate layout flexibility. Since we couldn't find anything on the market that could cover all of their needs, we decided to build a custom form builder app. We are currently working on the next iteration and will be launching Formalizr to the public later this year.

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To help us migrate projects within Contentful easily, we decided to extend the default Contentful migration engine with some custom features. The result is a solid migration engine that we've used for the past three years in all of our projects. While authors can do a lot manually in Contentful, we are still developers at heart and we want to make sure our platforms are well-maintained from a technical point of view. By creating CFmig, we can manage our headless content management platforms through infrastructure-as-code, keep track of all of the changes we make, make it easy to roll back, and prevent migration errors.

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