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Dossche Mills: A digital transformation journey

With nearly 150 years of experience, Dossche Mills, a family-owned business established in 1875, is a prominent figure in the milling industry. Providing high-quality flour and innovative baking solutions, they serve a diverse clientele including artisanal and industrial bakers, food, and exporters. This extensive history highlights their dedication to excellence and sets the stage for their digital transformation journey.

Empowering their digital ambitions with an e-commerce order platform

Driven by a commitment to excellence, Dossche Mills prioritizes digitalisation, aiming to create a future-proof platform that mirrors their offline service quality. This extends to their B2B clients base, ensuring seamless online experiences. Using cutting-edge digital tools, Dossche Mills tailors their services to business clients' needs, streamlining operations and enhancing the efficiency of ordering, and customer support. With their new e-commerce order platform, customers can place orders 24/7, adding a new sales channel that is always available on top of the existing service offered through phone and personal contact. The personal interaction with customers remains one of Dossche Mills's greatest strengths.

This new platform not only reduces errors in order entry but also makes re-ordering much easier. Although full integration is not yet in place, this initial test aims to determine if their more traditionally oriented customers are ready to adopt an online ordering system before Dossche Mills invests in a fully automated process. The transition to this on-demand ordering system through the so-called “E-commerce Light” platform represents the first step towards a full e-commerce integration.

Innovative solutions enabling growth

Streamlining operations with Headless CMS and PIM Integration

Partnering with Two Point O and Induxx, Dossche Mills centralised their product information using a headless CMS approach. They export SAP data to Akeneo PIM, which enables product data enrichment. This integration provides the marketing team with structured and flexible product data they can then enrich with other content. This content can be easily distributed across various channels. Leveraging a headless CMS system, Dossche Mills ensures their website remains flexible and robust, enhancing digital operations.

Refreshing Website Experience

With a fresh website design, the company has transformed from a simple information hub into a vibrant digital showcase. Explore their new online platform where every click reveals organised product information tailored to bakeries and other food industry companies of all sizes. This transformation enhances usability, making it easier for artisanal and industrial bakers to find precisely what they need. Thanks to the UX expertise of Humix, our UX/UI partner in this project, you can discover a visually appealing, functional, and intuitive website experience that speaks to each of Dossche Mills’ customer segments.

Personalised Engagement

Inspired by the diverse needs of bakeries everywhere, we've crafted a personalised experience. Envision navigating the website and effortlessly uncovering tailored solutions, whether you manage a quaint artisan bakery or oversee a bustling industrial production facility. The platform offers a unique experience customised to your location and bakery type, delivering content that resonates with your unique challenges and ambitions. This personalised approach ensures every interaction with Dossche Mills is not just informative, but truly enriching.

Success amid challenges

Following a 7-month project, Dossche Mills celebrates a successful first key milestone. Despite the required mindset shift that comes with adopting a headless content management system, the benefits of streamlined processes and time savings have become evident, empowering the company to operate more efficiently. The complexity of their product portfolio and product data posed significant challenges, particularly in translating this into the data model and building the website. However, the team's dedication and expertise prevailed, resulting in a robust digital platform. Their go-live has been very positive, with customers praising the new order platform and consistently placing reorders. This positive feedback highlights the success of their digital transformation and the value it brings to their customers.

If this first test continues to bring these successful results, this transformation will also extend to industrial bakers in the future, demonstrating Dossche Mills' commitment to innovation and foresight in meeting the evolving needs of the bakery sector.

What we really liked about the approach of Two Point O was the personal touch, the human aspect and the way things were explained to us. We really felt a cultural connection and on the other hand they had the experience to build something that truly responds to our customers needs.

Marloes V.
Customer Care Director
at Dossche Mills

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